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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Turbo for all Mercedes Benz line-up

All Mercedes-Benz line-up will use the machine turbocharger within two half of the year in the future. This assurance was sent by the member and the development of the research council of Daimler, Thomas Weber, on Thursday (17/7), in Dusseldorf, Germany.

“We will install the machine turbocharger to all of our vehicle product as soon as possible before the year end 2010,” revealed Weber.

This decision, was said by Weber, was part of the effort of Mercedes-Benz was free from the pressure the increasingly high regulation of the limit of vehicle emissions that

immediately will put into effect in Europe and the United States. To be learnt, during 2012 Europe planned to carry out the reduction in the emissions threshold from 178 gram per kilometer to 138 g/km.

Beside rumors of emissions, the market request would the increasingly big vehicle of the energy opinion also provided a basis for the new strategy of this Mercedes-Benz. According to Weber, now the consumer needs the method was cheapest overcame the height of the price of the fuel.

Therefore, Weber considered the increase turbocharger became the appropriate choice. Apart from being easy to be installed, the device turbocharger did not increase the vehicle weight significantly. Now with turbocharger the efficiency profit and the increase in the performance of the vehicle could be maximized. Weber also explained that the first step in his side faced the emissions pressure and the price of the increasingly high oil will be followed by the middle stage strategy. In this stage of Mercedes-Benz will speed up the mass production of the vehicle hybrid. His step personally immediately will be realized when the sale of the premium sedan of S-class hybrid in began in 2009.

While responding to the long-term plan the German government appointed zero-emissions in his country, Weber confirmed Mercedes-Benz also was ready in this condition. In order to faces this demand of Weber said his side prepared the technology vehicle fuel cell and the electric power. During 2010, for example, Smart— Mercedes-Benz alliance —will began produce the mini vehicle ForTwo electric powered vehicle.

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