Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Maxxis Trepador;.....25.000km later

After used the Trepador for approximately 25.000km in 22 months, here the review:

Uses: 75% road (asphalt, concrete) and 25% off road (gravel, muddy)

Confortable for daily use in the first 6 months, after that the tire start produce noisy sound, after 16-18 months the tire start cupping, and resulted a excessive vibration and shaking especially in low speed.

Trepador shows a good performance in the off road condition, especially at muddy road.

Current main issue: tire cupping and high noise in asphalt and concrete road.

What next: I'll keep this tires (including the wheel) for a while, maybe another year, for off roading purpose only . For daily use I'll usel a new wheel with 16" or 17" ring and installed a H/T tires (high way type) with the same diameter with my old Maxxis Trepador.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Honda CX500 update; crash bar and radiator plate

During continued electrical testing (cdi, stator, rectifier, etc), I'm also order some items from ebay and local shop. And installed to the plastic maggot, here the pictures.....

New (not really new ...order from crash bar, radiator shroud and new Yuasa battery ...... perfectly fit  :-)

Picture from another side:

Friday, 18 June 2010

Honda CX500 update; Electrex Stator

Actually I did this update at 2009.
After some internet studied, I bought G47 stator from Electrex UK. I have very limited reference for my CX500, this is the only one CX500 in my country...., just guess my CX is a A or B type.

The Electrex G47 stator arrived on time, in very nice package......

And I start to dismantle my engine..........
The stator looks difference in shape and wiring.......

Any  idea, what type of CX500 is that?.....