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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Tips: Cleaning Your Car Wheels

Have you washed your car correctly, clean and dry? Most off us will answer, yes. Probably not for the wheels. This component usually have many indentations and bars. If not thorough, many parts that were not yet dry and if being left for long time will be spotty, fleck, or might be fungus.

During cleaning, the dirty area most often was seen around nipples and the wheel interior, As a result the waste and dirty fleck built up in this place. To eliminate this we can use soft white compound, or using a especially anti fungus for wind shield to clean the wheel dirty spot.

This time I’m writing tips for using ant fungus liquid for the windshield as a wheel cleaner. The process of the removal of the fast fungus and the price of the liquid was not too expensive. Lets start clean your wheels:

  • Poured the liquid to the soft brush.
  • Quick wore to the wheel. Continued brushing until foamed. Note: this liquid should immediately wipe before it dried.
  • Do not apply the liquid too much, it is a strong chemical compound, it can damage the wheel varnish
  • After the foam change to brown or was seen dirty, stop applying the liquid, and wipe the cleaning area until dry.
  • Wash the wheel with clean water to remove all dirt and the anti-fungus liquid, then dried the wheel with clean cloth.
Note: the anti fungus liquid for wind shield is a strong chemical compound, wear your safety glove and glasses when worked with it.

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