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Friday, 25 July 2008

Tips: Cooling System, problem symptoms and solution

  • The engine temperature rise when the AC turn off. Check the thermoswitch, probably not normally functioning, the cooling fan only run when the AC turn on.
  • The temperature rise in high speed. Radiator clogging, go for service or replace with a new one.
  • The engine still cold even for long distance. The thermostat valve always open, replace the thermostat.
  • Coolant fluid decreasing constantly. Probably leaking, observe the cooling system (radiator, hoses, reservoir, engine) while engine running, find the leaking location.
  • Reservoir full of coolant, and less coolant in radiator. Probably cause of abnormal function of radiator cap, change the cap.
  • Bubbles in radiator while engine runs. Compression leaking, can be in the cylinder head gasket, or water jacket. Go to the workshop immediately for complete diagnose and repair.
  • Coolant fluid mix with oil (like a milkshake). Warning!! This is a serious condition, it could be leaking in cylinder head gasket, water jacket or transmission oil cooler. Drain all fluid immediately (coolant and engine oil). Small amount of water can start rust inside the engine.
  • Dirty coolant fluid (brown). Rust inside cooling system. Change the coolant fluid, put a radiator flush before drained.
  • The cooling fan always running in any temperature condition (for engine powered fan). Check the viscous coupling.
  • Temperature rise in slow speed or traffic jam. Check the electric fan, check the wiring.

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