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Thursday, 1 November 2007

What you did for your zj jeep?

As a Grand Cherokee Jeep (ZJ) owner with adventure gen in my blood, I can't let the jeep with the standard appearance, I really want to customized my jeep as long as my pocket can afford it.

Stock Grand Cherokee:

- Tire: coming with 235/70 R15 HT (highway terrain) tires, its good for asphalt road, very poor in dirty road, and absolutely useless in muddy road.

- Light: poor quality headlight, useless fog lamp.

- Differential Lock: none, the stock GC coming with limited slip differential, its not enough for real off road condition.

- Sound system: standard mopar head unit, no cd changer, small infinity power amp, no sub.

- suspension: excessive body roll

Modification stage 1:

- reduced the body roll: change the stock shock absorber with harder and stiffer one. You can find a various Jeep Lift Kits & Suspension from 4WD Hardware likes Procomp or OME products, also change the coil spring with a stiffer one.

- With a taller new spring and shock, 31" All Terrain can fix easily. Small clearance (about 2 fingers) between the fender and tire. Add 3/4" PU coil spacer to gain additional 2" high totally.

- Change the headlamp and the headlamp wire with a better product

- Install a pair of additional fog lamp or driving light, PIAA or Hella products are recommended

- Change the standard Mopar head unit with after market product (mine is Alpine), change the Infinity power amp with a higher output rate, add cd changer and subwoofer.

With this modification, the jeep ready for light adventure journey, rolling in dirty road or go camping near the beach.

For muddy road or slightly steep hills climbing? not ready yet, modification stage 2 needed:

- change the 3/4" coil spacer with 2" budget boost like TeraFlex product.

- install disconnect stabilizer link go get a better suspension travel.

- Change the AT tire with MT (mud terrain) type tire with the same diameter (31"), you can put bigger diameter, however you need to trim your fender (I wouldn't do that).

- adjust the track bar, otherwise you will get "death wobble" experience, and also go to the workshop for alignment.

- Install a new front bumper with ARB style bumper, add a medium strenght winch, like Warn M8000 , Warn xd9000 or Tabor products for cheaper price.

- Install a differential lock.

- And if you likes travelling for a long time, you can install a roof rack for additional baggage place.

Now the jeep ready for medium light off road, going camping in the mountain or fishing in the river mouth with your family.

Hard core off road??

No, not with this car, I prefer TJ or YJ wrangler or FJ Toyota.

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