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Friday, 2 November 2007

GPS for your Car

Do you have a GPS in your car? Five years ago, most of Indonesian car haven't GPS in their car. There was some in build up car, however the complete map was not available yet. But time is rolling and people getting more familiar to GPS (thanks to Before you want to install a GPS in your car, here some notes to consider:

1. Map.
No Indonesia complete free map available. Maps for certain area (Java, Sumatra, Bali) are available in However its only cover a big city and major province road. Actually this map is useful if you travelling in Java island. The is other map source from, this one is not free, but the price is not expensive. Other source are maps from solo system (expensive) and Nusa Map. In this current situation, map from is still the best for beginner.

2. GPS unit, what brand?
If you want to use or map as your main map, you should buy a Garmin GPS because both maps were designed for Garmin GPS unit. You can also chose other brand likes Magellan or Tom Tom, but the map not available, so you only can received your position in longitude and latitude format.

3. GPS unit, what type?
The Garmin GPs have a lot of types and series, which one is suite for you? For using GPS while driving, I suggest to used a GPS unit with wide screen. Garmin GPSmap 276c, Nuvi and Quest are the examples of garmin gps with wide screen.

4. Tracking facilities.
Is it important for you? If yes, forget about the Nuvi, this type of GPS have no tracking facilities, is designed for area which have a good map. So go for GPSMap 276c, Quest or Street Pilot.

5. Any other options?
Yes, you can use your pda pairing with garmin 10x bluetooth gps, or other bt gps (altina etc), for software you can chose GarminQue or Garmin

6. How accurate?
Standard GPS will give 5 to 15 m accuracy depend on the clarity from obstacles between the gps unit and the satellites

7. How much it cost?
For stand alone GPS likes Quest or 276c will cost around Rp. 4M to Rp. 6.5M (US$ 375 to US$ 600). If you already have a pda and want to pairing it with bluetooth gps it will cost around Rp 900k (Altina) to Rp. 1.8M (Garmin 10x)

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