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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Parts Order, why took so long?

Ordered an oil cooler for my Volvo s40 from an authorized volvo workshop, it takes almost 4 weeks and still no news when the parts will be available. In the beginning they promised me that the part will available within 2 weeks. I'm not really upset, I know this problem will occurred some times. The problem is I'm not free to ordered directly to spare parts shop around the world, the authorized volvo workshop will refuse to install the part which was not bought from them, so I should go to private garage or workshop which is very limited in my home town, and I don't know they performance yet. So ... I should be patience, and watching my volvo coolant mix with the oil for 1-2 more weeks.

In the current condition, actually its not really difficult to find the parts for our car, browse the internet, go to reputable company site, prepare your paypal or credit card, and the parts will be on your door within a week. I used to buy parts from US or Europe, send it with reputable courier. The problem is; who will install the parts into my car or bike, especially for the specific parts which need a special tool to install. Only the authorized workshop can do it, however most of them refused to do that for the reason as I mention above, this is a part of their selling strategy, and I'm not so lucky involved in their strategy.

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