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Thursday, 10 June 2010

ZJ Project: front drive shaft replacement, CV to U-joint

As stated in many web sources, the front drive shaft ZJ jeep, Constant Velocity joint type (CV joint) is one of the ZJ weakness point, is easily broken, especially in off road daily used. It also happen with my ZJ, the CV joint start to wobbling, especially while driving above 60 km/m. This CV joint is not fixable, one its broken, you should replace with a new one, which is cost you around 350-400 bucks, and the same problem will come again after few years.

After some discussion and internet research....:-), I went to workshop and they offer me to replace the original CV joint with used Universal joint taken from cherokee country. They said that U-joint will fit properly in ZJ jeep. I saw many broken ZJ CV joints in that work shop, that mean my ZJ was not the first one. It cost only around $125 including installation cost.
Here some pictures of it:

1. broken CV joint

U-joint front drive shaft, taken from cherokee country (looks dirty...and not good...:-) ...).

The U-joint have been installed in my ZJ, just fit......

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