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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Add 3cm tire spacer to my Grand Cherokee ZJ

Last year I added 3 cm spacer to my grand ZJ, the main function of this spacer is to prevent the front tire (installed with 31" tire) rubbing the lower control arm when turning. The other function..... made the ZJ looking better...he...he, depend on your taste.....

The installation is simple, less than 30 minutes for all tires. Why only 3 cm? Because 3 cm is thick enough, strong enough, not easy to brake. With 3 cm spacer will not affected the wheel axes, minimized pendulum effect (compare to thicker spacer) and no need balancing before installation.

So, my front tire not rubbing lower control arm after I installed the 3 cm spacer, however..... a new problem rise, the front  tire rubbing the lower part of plastic bumper when turning......he....he, just cut it a little bit.

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