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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Maxxis Trepador;.....25.000km later

After used the Trepador for approximately 25.000km in 22 months, here the review:

Uses: 75% road (asphalt, concrete) and 25% off road (gravel, muddy)

Confortable for daily use in the first 6 months, after that the tire start produce noisy sound, after 16-18 months the tire start cupping, and resulted a excessive vibration and shaking especially in low speed.

Trepador shows a good performance in the off road condition, especially at muddy road.

Current main issue: tire cupping and high noise in asphalt and concrete road.

What next: I'll keep this tires (including the wheel) for a while, maybe another year, for off roading purpose only . For daily use I'll usel a new wheel with 16" or 17" ring and installed a H/T tires (high way type) with the same diameter with my old Maxxis Trepador.

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