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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Mercedes C180 and C200 (W202)

In this post I would like to discuss the small engine capacity of W202, like C180 and C200. Why them? Today they are quite old car, ranging from 14 to 9 years old, the price already drop become a cheap car. However, the passenger comfort, good finishing interior, bullet proof engine and fuel economics make those cars still worth to buy.

Lets start with history: (compiled from several source)
The first generation W202 C-Class was introduced in 1993, as a replacement for the Mercedes-Benz W201 (190), and proved immensely popular, quickly becoming Mercedes-Benz's best-selling class of vehicles worldwide. Styling themes were carried over from the previous W201 series, but the new series had a smoother and rounder design than the previous generation of compact Mercedes. The very first W202 C-Class sedan was produced on June 1, 1993, and the second generation W203 C-Class rolled off the assembly line on July 18, 2000. The third generation W204 C-Class was launched in 2007.

Engines and Transmission
On its debut, the C-Class was the only Mercedes model with a complete lineup of multivalve engines. The new family of four cylinder petrol units, called M111, debuted in the C 180 (1.8 L, 122 PS (120 hp/90 kW), C 200 (2.0 L, 136 PS (134 hp/100 kW) and C 220 (2.2 L, 150 PS (148 hp/110 kW). In 1996 the C 220 was replaced by the C 230, enlarged to 2.3 L displacement but with the same output, although with torque increased to 220 N·m (162 ft·lbf). . The top of the range was the C 280, with a four-valve-per-cylinder straight-6 engine, capable of reaching 193 PS (190 hp/142 kW).

Four cylinder diesel models were equipped with the same OM601 engine of the 190, in the 2.0 L and 2.2 L versions. Many of these diesel variants were sold as taxis, due to their low fuel consumption and strong reliability.

At the launch all W202 variants were equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The 722.4 4-speed automatic transmission, also called 4G-TRONIC, was available as extra cost (standard on the C 36 AMG). In 1996 this old transmission - which was on sale since 1981 - was replaced by a 5-speed automatic gearbox (aka 722.5 or 5G-TRONIC), which received the manual shifting in 1999 (722.6).

Why C180 and C200?


  • CHEAP PRICE, wherever country are living, the price of C180 and C200 as more than 10 years old car should be cheap.
  • QUALITY, even though both models were a Mercedes entry level class, but the quality is remain high, especially if you buy an elegance or avant-garde trims. I’m not suggested to buy the classic trim because with extra 100 dollar we can get the higher trim which is worth more than 1000 dollar compare to classic one.
  • COMFORT, those car have a good suspension, comfort seat and good sound proofing.
  • ECONOMIC FUEL CONSUMPTION, around 20 mpg for urban driving and up to 39 mpg for extra urban. If you in stop and go driving situation, C200 will give you better fuel consumption due to its higher power, in other hand if you in continues driving in highway or toll road, C180 is more economics.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE COST: both car have a strong and low maintenance engine.
  • POPULATION, Merc W202 was very popular, easy to find a spare parts and easy to find a workshop to fix your car.


  • OLD CAR: yes it is, some parts may need replacement, but once we replace the parts it can be use for next 5-7 years.
  • UNDER POWER? For some people C180 and C200 feel under power, it may be right if you are driving around hilly road, however with power of 120 hp for C180 and134 hp for C200, the engine power are strong enough for city driving.
  • STYLE; the exterior style a bit old fashion compare to the modern car.
  • STEERING PRECISION; poor to moderate, can’t compare to BMW series 3. Only the professional driver can feel it, for ordinary people is no different
  • Wiring Harness, please check this first, most of the electrical promblems cause by a poor wiring harness condition, no wonder, it is an old car. Replace it if necessary, the original one will cost you around 600 to 750 USD, however there is a after market product with price around 250 to 300USD.
  • Wiper Motor failed due to poor quality of internal plastic gear. Replace by after market metal internal gear. It is very cheap solution, however you need to find a local workshop or mechanic to this, the MB authorized workshop would not do this job. Or you can replace the whole motor by your self , at least you saving some money for dealer cost.
  • Watch for damper pulley which is located near a crankshaft, actually you should inspect the rubber seal around it. If you find oil leaking around the seal and pulley, replace the pulley (one package with the seal). The poor seal condition can make the damper leaning downward and the fanbelt scratching the engine block.
  • Premature catalytic converter failure often reported by C180 - 200 user.
  • Check for rust, lower front suspension control arms can rust through. They are made of layers of stamped sheet metal rather than solid steel. They have a 3 inch large hole on top and the salt and water goes in the hole and soaks down to the lower ball joint area, and rusts from the inside out because they are hollow.


Anonymous said...

I am looking for a replaement engine wiring harness for a 1997 C180 (W202). can anyone tell me where I can order one; not original?

explorer said...

where do you live?

shuja said...

how much a c200 sport 1999 cost? What is a better bargain, c180 AMG or C200AMG? Fuel economy, driveability parts etc?