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Thursday, 14 February 2008

ScanGauge II

ScanGaugeII “The Ultra Compact 3-in-one Automotive Computer”, that what written in the front of ScanGauge Box. The size of the ScanGauge II is 4.8"W x 1.5"H x 1"D, quite small just need a Velcro to put in your dash. The functions of this mini digital gauge are:

  • Scan tool, retrieve codes and reset warning lights. Turn off the check engine light.
  • Trip computer; display trip data with automatic trip-start feature. Trip data includes: trip distance, driving time, fuel consumption, maximum rpm, max coolant temperature, distance to empty, etc.
  • Digital Gauges; display the current operating conditions of your vehicle in real-time.
ScanGauge installation is really easy, just plug and connect to OBDII* plug in your car. Starting from 1996 most of vehicles product have been equipped with OBDII plug, usually the plug located under the dash in driver seat side.

First time I saw this product in IPDUSA site, then I bought itaround 2 months ago and tried to install to my car. Here my short review:

  • Volvo S60 2004, the ScanGauge works well, however the S60 already have the trip computer, so some of the ScanGauge capability is useless for this car. But ScanGauge is very good when retrieving trouble codes and the reset the engine check.
  • Volvo S40 2001, this car have no computer trip, ScanGauge completely useful for this car. When the scangauge installed, I just realized that this Volvo can reach 6 ltr / 100 km fuel consumption with effective driving style, the Volvo fuel management is very efficient. Almost all function of the gauge are working, including engine loading (LOD) and throttle position setting (TPS).

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ, this car have no computer trip and MID, almost all off the ScanGaugeII function were working in this car. However the engine loading gauge is not works. This situation have been explain in the ScanGauge user manual, that not all vehicles given all information, its depend on the type of vehicles. I just realize why the AMC i6 4.0 liters engine is so thirsty, the fuel management is completely different with Volvo S40, when you push the throttle, the jeep will give 20 ltr to 25 ltr per 100 km (its normal) while the Volvo use 12 to 14 liter per 100 km, but when you release the throttle, jeep consumption is around 12 to 14 liters per 100 km however the Volvo only used 1 to 3 liters per 100 km, what a different.

  • My old YJ Jeep, useless, no OBDII plug.
How much the price? I bought it for US$ 189 in my country, in US the price less than US$ 170. The capability of ScanGauge is very useful if your car is not equipped with computer trip or multi information display. After all I satisfied with this ScanGaugeII capability, it worth for its price.

OBDII* = on board diagnostic 2, implemented by 1st January 1996 in US

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