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Thursday, 24 January 2008

Ford Everest 2.5

The Ford Everest (model code U268) is a mid / large size SUV sold mostly in Asia. The Everest is based on the local (Mazda-based) Ford Ranger pickup truck platform. The SUV is also sold as the Ford Endeavour in India.

Technical Fact:
Engine : DuraTORQ 2.5 L diesel, 4 Cyl, 16 valve, Direct Injection Commonrail Turbo
with Intercooler
Fuel Supply : Electrical Fuel Injection
Maximum Power : 143 hp/105 kW at 3500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 33.7 Kgm / 1800 rpm
Transmission : 5 MT or 5AT
Drive train : 2WD or 4WD
Overall lenght : 5,009 mm
Overall width : 1,804 mm
Clearence hight : 210 mm
GVM : 2,587 kg (MT); 2,613 kg (AT); 2,706 kg (MT 4WD)

The truck base SUV has three-rows of seating, rear or four wheel drive, and 2.5 L Diesel. It rides on a 2860 mm (112.6 in) wheelbase. The Everest was introduced in late March of 2003 and is built at the AutoAlliance Thailand plant, and as CKD kits in other countries (India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia). The overall length is 5,009 mm, exclude the spare tire which is located in the rear door.

In November 2006, Ford announced a redesigned Everest based on the new Ford Ranger (J97U), including Duratorq diesel engines and two different drivetrains: 4x2 for 2.5 litre 143 hp (107 kW) models, 4x4 for 3.0 litre 156 hp (116 kW) models. In addition, the redesign featured the new 5-speed automatic transmission with BorgWarner transfer case, and the new Active-Shift-on-the-Fly (4x4 only) for the first time. In Indonesia Ford Everest only available in 2.5 litre diesel engine. This new engine has a significant improvement than the previous one, quite powerful a the maximum torque of 33.7 Kgm can reach at 1800 rpm. The pre-2006 Everest engine was not strong enough to haul its 2.5 tons body (gross weight). The new Everest common rail diesel engine also have been adjusted for low quality diesel fuel, so do not worry to refueling in the remote area.

Styling and Equipment
In Indonesia, everest only available in 3 row seats XLT option, its above the standard trim. This XLT trim have been equipped with ABS, 7 seatbelts, 2 Airbags, remote keyless entry, reserve sensor, plenty cup holder and anything that expected if you buy a car with highest trim

Compare to the pre 2006, inside, gone are the wood veneer trim, replaced by bright metallic insert on the dashboard. Even the half-wood trim on the steering wheel is replaced by a more "normal" four-spoke steering wheel. The audio system is average, this big huge car only equipped with 2 speakers. But it is still a fine sound system to keep you entertained on those long drives. The seats cover material is a fabric, not a leather like the old Limited trim.

Ride & Handling
As a big middle class SUV we can’t expect to much for the handling precision, overall is not to bad. Body roll is occurred during hard cornering, however the rear leaf suspension is softer and smoother compare to the previous one. It is quite comfortable for long distance driving. The engine power delivery is smooth so long as you leave the big torque to do all the work and go easy on the throttle. You hardly use fourth and fifth gear, leaving it in third in city driving.

Cabin space and flexibility
Everest XLT winner for its amount of cabin space. There is a feeling of airiness here although there are some taller passengers who may find the seat mounted too low to the floor, making leg positioning a bit awkward. But as for the most of the Asian, there is ample head, elbow and legroom to spare and this makes for a very happy family traveling on long journeys. Access to the third row seat is easy, by tilting the second row seat forwards. Removing the third row completely may be a bit sticky but it does to add more luggage space. The rear door is opens to the side instead of above, but it does facilitate easy access for bulky items.

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Anonymous said...

I live in the Bahamas and has owned a Ford Everest for three years. This is a simply beautiful and practical vehicle in every which way. I was shopping around for almost a year for a diesel powered SUV and when I encountered the Everest it did not take five minutes for me to make a decision. I knew that was the one!