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Friday, 28 December 2007


My definition for the above subject is a comfort, fun to drive, enough engine power, automatic transmission, strong brand image and “low maintenance” secondhand car which can buy in Indonesia with price less than Rp. 100.000.000. Fuel consumption is not in the first consideration at this point, all cars need at least Ron 92 unleaded fuel. Fuel consumption ranging from 1 ltr for 5 to 8 km for big engine (2500cc above) and 1 ltr for 7 to 12 km for small engine (less than 2500cc). Here the list:

Audi A4, V6, 2.6 Tiptronic. Production year 1999-2001. Price range Rp. 70M – 100M. Even though the exterior is look average medium class sedan, however the interior and engine capability are superb for its price. Audi has its own class that can sit in the same level with Merc C240 (elegance trim) or even better than BMW 318. The interior quality is high, the tiptronic gear box is fun to use, car handling and steering respond is good. The 2.6 V6 engine is bullet proof than produce 170 hp.

BMW 523/528 E39, Tiptronic, 170 hp (523), 193 hp (528), 1996 – 1998. Price range Rp. 75M – 105M. BMW E39 is the one of BMW’s most successful car. The Inline 6 engine running smoothly and strong enough to haul its 1568 kg body. Interior is tidy and luxurious. Driving position and car respond is very good.

Mazda Cronos 2.0 and 2.5, 1998 – 2000. Price range Rp. 40M – 70M. Nothing wrong with this car. Only because of poor image of Mazda brand in Indonesia. Both car (especially the 2.5 ltr with 200 hp engine) is fun and comfort to drive. The interior quality and facilities are good.

Mercedes C180/C200 AT, 120 hp (C180) – 134 hp (C200), 1995 – 1997, Price range Rp. 75M – 105M. Every body knows about Merc quality and comfortable, bullet proof engine, low maintenance, and easy spare parts. Some people complain for C180 performance, but its enough for normal city driving. Elegance trim is the good choice.

Toyota Crown Royal Saloon 3.0 AT, 1996 – 2000. Price range Rp. 65 – 100M. This one is Japanese Mercedes. Very comfort and have a lot of facilities. Huge passenger and baggage space. The 3.0 powerful engine produce 220hp. Cooling box, climate control are standard.

Volvo 850, S/V 70, 2.5 AT, 170 hp. 1995 – 2000. Price range Rp. 50M – 100M. Volvo 850 it’s a mid size luxury car, equipped wit almost all facilities that you need, including a high class sound system and luxurious leather sit. The inline 5 cylinders engine is very reliable, low maintenance and powerful. Driving position and steering respond is excellent.

Volvo S40, 2.0 T, AT, 167 hp. 2000 – 2002. Price range Rp. 90M – 110M. This medium size car is comfort to drive with volvo’s safety quality. The 2.0 engine with low compression turbo is responsive and fast. The interior is not very impressive, lack of cup holder. An additional front strut brace will improve the body rigidity.

Other choice are Toyota Camry 3.0 AT , Peugeot 406, Honda Accord VTil, Mitsubishi Galant V6 24v. All of the above cars mention above have used for 6 to 10 years, a problem in electrical wire or air condition normally occur, however its not too difficult to fix.


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